Best Home Made Venison & Beef Jerky Recipe.

Here at MWOutdoors we have come up with an incredible Jerky Recipe, maybe the best on the market. This Venison/Beef Jerky Recipe took many iterations before getting to a point where you can easily make changes to your liking and produce a good tasting jerky every time.

Easily make a jerky sweat, spicy, different flavors of taste, or any combination.

Jerky Recipe (Venison or Beef)

This recipe is a 3-step process, which takes 2-3 days to make, reason why it’s so good! The end result is a great tasting spicy-sweat-honey Jerky. We start by slicing our meat into ⅛” thick slices, then we dry season it and let it set for 4 hours. Next we add a wet season and let that sit overnight. The last step is our home-made solution, which the meat will marinade in for 24 hours.