Fishing Apps For Mobile Devices

As a fisherman we are always watching the weather patterns, the moon phases, trying to remember where that hidden lake was, and where our best fishing holes are. Now we can get all this with just a few apps on our mobile devices. After many hours of searching the following apps will provide something for every fisherman. See also Hunting Apps!

# 1, Trimble GPS Fish Free

Track your entire fishing trip, marking hot spots, landmarks, routes, portages, daily catch, and much more for future trips.


Trip Recording- record your travel routes and waypoints, track your trolling path, and follow saved routes between fishing holes.

Weather- get up to a 5 day forecast with Solunar updates.

Maps- see area maps in Street Level, Aerial (Bird’s View), and Topographical. You will even find depth contours of many lakes in the US

Cost: Free or Pro Version for $4.99
Pro-Version allows you to save offline map bundles on your electronic device for viewing off-the-grid.

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

#2, SAS Survival Guide

The developer of this app was a former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier and is where the SAS abbreviation comes from. The apps provides very valuable Safety and Survival tips, guidance, and illustrations. Some of the top survival tips and guidance are; first aid, packing a survival kit, poisonous snakes, edible foods, how to make a fish trap, starting a fire, Plants for rope making, plants to help fight infections, how to build shelters, and a Morse code signaling device.

Available Icons

There are 9 Icons to use, listed here by row.

First Row: Essentials, Camp, & Polar
Second Row: Sea Coast, Desert Tropics, & Wild foods
Third Row: Hunting, First Aid, & Urban

The Cost: Free $5.99

Available: IOS, IPad, IPad Touch, IPhone, & Android

#3, iSolunar

This app provides the Outdoorsman with peak fishing and game activity dates and time. These dates (calendar) are based off the US Naval Observatory Solunar information. The solunar tables will display Start times, Peak times, and End Times for the best fishing in your location.


Easy-to-read tables
GPS location and Waypoints
Weather forecast, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, and Moon Phases
Fish and Wildlife peak activity and feeding periods with Day active ratings

Cost $4.99

Available: IOS, IPad, IPad Touch, IPhone, & Android devices. .

#4, ActinNature

Remember those times when you were out fishing, especially on large lakes or on the Great Lakes, and you were wondering where the Charters were. Well this app will show you everyone’s location within a 3 mile radius that is carrying an electronic device with Map, GPS, and Camera support.

You can now see where other fishermen are, the direction they are going, and how far away they are. Yes, this app was designed for Hunters, but it can not determine whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, or in a kayak, it can only find the hi-tech devices. Thus the reason they use the abbreviation POIs (Person Of Interest) in their blog.


Notes (Tracking, Journal, Tags, Gallery, Weapons and Ammunition).
Planning (Weather forecast and Sun & Moon phases)
Camera (Augmented view of POIs)
Map (Navigation, Person Of Interest, and a Compass)

Cost: Free

Available: IOS, IPad, IPad Touch, IPhone, & Android devices.

#5, Orvis Fly Fishing

This Fly Fishing app provides everything about fly fishing in one place. It covers animated fly-tying knots, common casting mistakes, and fly casting instructions and patterns.


Basic fly casting techniques with text and videos
Top 100 Trout Flies
Top 10 fly-casting mistakes
Real-time fishing updates
Tips on hot flies, rods, lines and leaders to use
Hatches, baitfish, and water temperatures
Over 200 of the top fly-fishing destinations in North America
Over 100 podcasts
Fly search by name, types, season, hook size, color, etc.
Fly image, description, and tips on how to use it.
Orvis Fishing Reports
Fly fishing lingo (Glossary)

Cost Free

Available: IOS, IPad, IPad Touch, IPhone, & Android devices. .

#6, IGFA Mobile

Ever wonder if you may have a Record fish and where you would weight it even if you did? IGFA (International Game Fish Association) provides that information for you right on your mobile device. Now you can easily identify your fish, look up the world record, and find the nearest IGFA weigh stations.

Cost $8.99

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

#7, Animated Knots

This app provides knots for any application you can think of and is the best illustration of knot tying I have found. Each knot has a video, step by step text, and video animation that can be stopped and rewound as desired.


There are 22 different categories with specific knots illustrated for each. So whatever the situation you will find the knot that works best. Here I have listed just a few of the knot categories; fishing, climbing, rescue, surgical, boating, splicing, and scouting.

Cost $4.99

Available: IOS, IPad, IPad Touch, IPhone, & Android devices.

#8, Boating US & Canada by Navionics

This is a great app for planning your trip, tracking your route, and showing your distance, and speed. The app provides anglers with detailed nautical charts, sonarcharts, and wind forecast. It is a common app for many cruisers, sailors, divers, and fishermen.

Simply download the app and choose the chart coverage of interest. You will find these charts are very detailed, similar to a GPS Chartplotter, and are available for areas all round the world. There are also feature upgrades such as Nav Module and Autorouting.

Chart coverage for purchase

United States and Canada
Caribbean and South America
Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Uk, Holland, and Norway
Baltic Sea,, Skagerrak and Kattegat
Central and West Europe
Mediterranean and Black Sea
Upper, Lower, and Central Volga River
Moscow Area
Canaries, Azores & Madeira
Africa and Middle East
Indian Ocean China Sea & South China Sea
Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

Cost $14.99

Available: IOS, IPad, IPad Touch, IPhone, & Android devices. .