When looking for the Best Bolts for your Crossbow you want repeat accuracy, durability, strength, smooth flight, and much more. Depending on your Bows draw-weight and your shooting range (distance) these attributes become even more critical for obtaining repeat accuracy, shot after shot. So we have researched a range of bolts (arrows) that will cover beginner shooters (Crossbows with a lower draw-weight) to the advance hunter.

**Best Compound, Recurve, and Long Bow Arrows for 2024.

Ravin R134 Match Weight Lighted Carbon Crossbow Bolts

Lumenok Technology For Use Exclusively With Ravin Crossbows, 400-Grains .001 Straightness, Package of 3, black, red

The Ravin R134 Bolts are a Match-Grade set of arrows that compensate for the added weight of lighted nocks. These bolts weigh the exact same as Raven non-lighted arrows for the same flight accuracy, Package of 3.

– Aluminum nock bushings
– 2″ high-profile offset vanes
– Straightness tolerance, .001″
– 100% pure carbon construction
– High impact brass threaded inserts

Carbon Express PileDriver Bolt (6-Pack)

Fletched Carbon Crossbolt with 4-Inch Vanes, 6-Pack

The Carbon Express PileDriver Bolt is designed for the hunter who wants bone crushing penetration. This Bolt (arrow) instills supreme confidence when tracking even the largest of prey. It is the heaviest carbon composite crossbolt in the Carbon Express lineup and creates maximum kinetic energy for superior penetration. The Carbon Express PileDriver Bolt ensures spine consistency for greater accuracy and is durable with exceptional reliability and repeat performance. It is precision sorted for straightness to +/- 0.004″.

– 0.348″ Diameter
– Fletched with 4″ Vanes
– Bone Crushing Penetration
– Precision straightness to +/- 0.004″
– Spine consistency for greater accuracy
– 6 per pack, plus 6 universal flat nocks
– Composite material, exceptional reliability and repeat performance

Ravin R138 20″ (Pack of 6)

400-Grain Carbon Crossbow Bolts, 2″ Offset Vanes, Inserts And Nocks, Exclusively for Ravin Crossbows, .003 Straightness

The Ravin R138 20″ 400-Grain Carbon Crossbow Bolts with 2″ offset Vanes are Hard-hitting with incredibly accurate! These arrows have a smooth-stable flight to your target! Made from 100 percent pure carbon and offer quiet, hard-hitting performance. These Bolts are listed as use only in Ravin Crossbows and use only Ravin clip-on nocks.

– Incredibly accurate
– 400-grain Ravin Arrows
– Aluminum nock bushings
– 100 percent pure carbon
– For Ravin Crossbow only
– 6 arrows with brass inserts
– Quiet, hard-hitting performance

TenPoint Pro Elite 400-20″ Carbon Crossbow Arrows

Pack of 6 with Alpha-Nock HP & HP Aluminum Bushing

The TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Carbon Bolts are constructed using the finest materials and components available on the market today. High-performance hunting crossbows demand high-performance arrows that perform the best when shot.

– 20″ Arrow
– 46 Grain Insert
– Aluminum Bushing
– 3.5″ Bohning X Vanes
– Fletched Slightly Offset
– Deep groove & large smooth radius base
– 28% increase string to nock engagement
– Inspected For Straightness To Within .003

REEGOX Crossbow Bolts (Pack of 12)

REEGOX Crossbow Bolts 16/18/20 inch Bio Crossbow Arrows with Moon Nocks and Removable Tips (Pack of 12)

The REEGOX Crossbow Bolts are designed for the beginner and youth hunters. They are very cost-effective and still offer speed, kinetic energy and accuracy. These Bolts are 20″ long, have a standard inserted moon nocks and come with 4″ TPU Vanes.

– Length 20″
– Inserted moon nocks
– Bolts come with 4″ tpu Vanes
– Designed for beginners and youth hunters
– Extraordinary Durability for extended use