How To Use the Berkley Powerbait 2″ Minnow For Crappies & Bluegills

The 2” Berkley Minnow is the best Crappie bait I have found and second best (Floating Jig is #1) Bluegill bait. So are they worth the price of 28 cents each, I say they are; one you don’t have to keep messing with bait, two it’s perfect for using with the kids, and three you will catch more fish in less time.

2″ Berkley Minnow (Shad or Smelt)

Floating Jig (Homemade) Can be purchased in MWOutdoors’s Shop

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Catching Dozens Of Crappies

There are several jigs for Crappies out there, but don’t waste your time. You could even purchase real minnows, which works well, but the best Crappie Bait on the Market is the 2” Berkley Minnow. Nothing stacks up to the presentation I will explain in this article.

Start by purchasing some horizontal Crappie Hooks, they sit in the water horizontally, keeping your Berkley Minnow in a real life position. As your minnow gets torn up after several Crappies or a few aggressive Bluegills, don’t toss it just yet, I will explain below.

Tip: one 2” Berkley Minnow (Shad or Smelt)should catch 40 or more Crappies.

Catching Dozens Of Bluegills

Bluegills are a little rougher on the Berkley Minnow as they are fighters. But if you keep the Gulp Minnow on the hook horizontal you can catch 30+ Gills on one minnow. For Bluegills the best bait is the floating jig, best used with a fly rod, but will work great with a bobber and 18” of line. You can purchase these Floating Jigs on MWOutdoors’s Shop.

How To Use The Gulp Minnow

To start, purchase a few crappie hooks, they are a hook with lead covering the upper portion and sit horizontal in the water, this is key and will make a big difference. Next slide your hook through the nose of the Gulp Minnow, pushing the rubber minnow up as far, toward where the line is tied, as you can. Push the hook out the back or bottom of the minnow, it does not matter.

Horizontal Crappie Jig

As the minnow gets torn up push the hook out the opposite side, (top / bottom). This should be good for another dozen or so fish. As the head part of the minnow gets torn up to the point it will no longer stay up, then bite off a small piece of the head and re-hook. If the tail gets bitten off, no matter it will work just as good.

As your Berkley Minnow continues to get torn up, bite off the top again and keep using it. You will find that a short 1/2” chunk of this Berkley Minnow will continue to catch fish. If you think the action has slowed too much, then put on a new minnow, but do not toss that small chuck away yet. If you find the Crappies or Bluegills have just slowed in their feeding, then the piece you saved will work great when you find the fish again.