The Best Camouflage Clothing To Purchase

When buying Camouflage Outfits you will want 100% cotton for the outer shell. Avoid the Polyester material.

The Worst Camouflage Clothing To Purchase

First let’s cover what not to buy. If you are hunting big game or birds and walking in the woods or fields you do not want to purchase camouflage materiel where the outer shell is made from Polyester! This material will collect every stick-tight and burr you pass. You will then spend hours pulling them off, which it’s impossible to remove 100% of the burr. It may even be so bad that you will just toss the outfit away. And that says nothing about all the slivers or splinters you will get in your fingers when pulling these babies off. Another negative is that the material makes noise when you move or pull away from the tree you are leaning against.

What Is The Best Camouflage Clothing To Purchase

The best camouflage material is where the shell (outer material) is made from 100% Cotton. This material will not make noise when in the tree, walking, or bending, and will not collect burrs and stick-tights like Polyester will.