The Best Bait For Catching Large Bass

The best bait for catching Bass, Large & Small Mouth, is not just one single bait, but a combination of 2 baits working together, one being a jig and the other a soft bait. I have also found that the action of the soft bait plays a very large part in making this combination work. For example a soft bait minnow with a split tail will not get the action a minnow with a big paddle tail will. So out of all the combinations I have tired the best are those that included a soft bait with a paddle or large flippers.

Creating The Best Bass Lure

To create the best Bass bait I have ever used I start with a Strike King tour Grade Swim jig 3/8 ounce. I then added a Reactions Innovations Skinny Dipper 5″ to the jig. Wow, what a combination and the bass we catch are incredible. However, you will need to try different colors to get the ultimate combination for your lake or river. I prefer the light colors; blue, white, yellow, and green.

Now, I did not stop there, two other combinations I found that work well are with a crab and a 2″ Gander Mountain Shad. What I discovered was the crab combination works for largemouth bass and pike, while the 2″ shade worked best for the smallmouth bass and walleye, but by far the 5″ Skinny Dipper produces the best results and some very large largemouth bass.

Here is one of the Smallmouth Bass I caught. It’s just over 6lbs, so I took the measurements and then released it. Then there are a few of our Largemouth Bass.