Best Bass Fishing 2018

I look forward to the third weekend of July as this is the time the Largemouth Bass really get active and destroy whatever you toss on the surface. So why do I prefer top-water baits instead of diving crank-baits on the weed edges and drop-offs, because I like to see the action of the bite/hit.

Topwater Bass Baits

Depending on the weeds and if they are close to the surface I will either use a Bass Popper or Buzz Bait. I prefer the Popper as the bass seen to hit this harder than the Buzz Bait, but I use the weeds and drop-off to help me decide on which top-water presentation to use.

Fishing The Weeds On A Gradual Drop-Off

Here the Buzz Bait works the best as the bass are just laying under the weeds, waiting to strike anything that ventures into their feeding area. Also the Bass Popper will just keep catching weeds as the back end of the popper is weighted down by the back treble hook.

Fishing The Weeds On a Quick Drop-Off

Here I use the Bass Popper as it frustrates the Bass and gives them plenty of time to locate their prey and attack. The Popper is used with a jerking action and reel, which is much slower than the continuous reel action of the Buzz Bait.

Best Bass Action Of 2018

Here is a short video of our Bass action this past weekend along with a few Pictures. You will see it was very windy and the waves were white-water, but the Bass did not care.