Bark Grafting for Apple Trees

When do I use a Bark Graft versus a Whip or Cleft graft, when the diameter of the branch is the size of a silver dollar or larger. Grafting is done during the time the buds start to swell and the below freezing temps (32 degrees) are done for the year. See When to Graft.

Grafting To A Broken Branch

Last year I had a nice buck break off a branch on one of my Wealthy Apple Trees. So the first thing you want to do is to cut the branch off straight and seal it with some tree wound. Then the following spring you can graft new scions (see how to collect) to reestablish your branch. Here I have added HoneyCrisp scions to my Wealthy Apple Tree to create a tree with two different apples varieties growing on it. This video will demonstrate how to do a bark graft in the Apple Orchard.

Progress of our Bark Graft, May 10th

See our Scion progress after 3 weeks, we already have shouts appearing.

Progress at 10 weeks, June 20th

Progress at ten weeks, what a difference.