It’s Christmas break, Winter is here, the temperatures have gotten much colder, and the snow deeper, but don’t be so quick to put those bows away. Even though there are only a few days left in the 2018 Midwest Archery Season this time of the year can produce some of the best Archery Hunting.

Why Late Season Archery Has Its Advantages

The top three advantages of the late Archery Season are; Snow, Second Rut, and the Limited amount of Hunters in the woods.


Why is snow an advantage especially when the temperatures are much colder?  One advantage is that the snow allows you to spot the deer much easier and from a further distance, giving you plenty of time to be ready. Snow also provides an easier means for tracking and locating the travel corridors that are being used in the late season. Another advantage during this late season is that the deer start to herd, using fewer trails to and from feeding areas.

Second Rut

In Mid December the second rut comes in and bucks have again become very aggressive, looking for those few doe that did not get breed during the first rut. You will find the rattle and grunt call will work during this rut as well as in the first rut.

Limited Hunters

By the end of November most Archery Hunters have lost the energy to combat the cold and snow and may not even know there is a second rut, which is prime deer hunting. Instead they have hung the bow up for the year, giving way to the few who are still looking for that one big buck. In the video below I rattled in a 10pt and a day later an 8pt or 10pt, however the snow was blowing making it difficult to tell, so you make the call…

Video Of Hunting Last 3 Days!