We just pulled the taps from the Maple Syrup run and finished our boiling when I looked up and could see three Toms and 5 Hens working through the field. Wow what better way to transition from one outdoor activity to another as our Turkey season is only a week away.

Preparing For the Season

The Turkey Season is fast approaching so we need to take a few minutes and make sure we are prepared. First make sure your camouflage clothing is ready and still fits. Then locate your Turkey Backpack with its seat (don’t want to get a cold and wet bottom), find your decoys, and make sure the blind is in good shape, if you’re going to use one. Next get out your calls and Turkey Strikers (I use multiple Strikers as they each make a little different tone) and practice your calling. Then do a little pre-season scouting, both morning and evening. Try calling the Turkeys while they’re still in their roost, this way you will know where to set up.

Where to Set-Up

When deciding where to set-up for your Turkey Hunt do some scouting and find out where they have been roosting and where they have been flying down and heading. If you do not have the time to do this then focus on the East & Southeast fields adjacent to the woods. I find the Turkeys prefer to fly down to those areas that see the first morning Sun. When setting up your decoy place it 5 to 10 yards from the wood line and then find a good tree to rest against just a few feet in the woods.

Once you’re set-up and calling give yourself 1 – 2 hours before moving, as a Tom can be called in from long distances. once you’re confident that the Toms are not interested in your calling or decoys then go after them. Start by getting them to Gobble and then make a plan to approach them without being seen. When you have gotten close then move into the crawling position, keeping your decoy standing up and in front of you. Approach where the Turkeys are and pause every few yards and make a hen call. I have found using your decoy and approaching them by crawling on the ground can get you close enough for a shot. I know as I have taken my share of Toms this way.