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How To Catch Bluegills- 2017 Big Bluegills Are Biting!

Fishing Shallow Water For Bluegills Spring is over, the lakes in the Midwest are warming up, and the large Bluegills are in the shallow water feeding and beefing up for the spawning season. In lower parts of the Midwest the Bluegill Spawning Season has begun already and the Gills are on the beds, but in […]

Shellcracker Fishing – The 2017 Bite Is Not Over!

Florida Shellcrackers & No Pressure In my last article I mentioned how the lakes in Florida were warming up faster than normal this year and that the Shellcrackers would be coming in early to spawn, which did happen. During the period of March 18 thru March 25 the Shellcrackers were at their peak this year, […]