Whisker Biscuit Advantages

There are many arguments on what is the best Archery Arrow Rest and after 40 years of hunting there is no doubt, it’s the Whisker Biscuit. Now, I do not shoot competition, so my argument is based solely from hands-on experience in the field hunting.

When considering an arrow rest keep the following in mind; Distance you are shooting, Weather, still hunting (stalking) and stand hunting.

Why The Whisker Biscuit

I have tried several arrow rests over the years and spent from $24 to $69 just to be frustrated. Why, because I do stalk, stand, and hunt in the rain & snow, and under these conditions I need a rest that will hold my arrow. Too many times I have pulled back to have my arrow fall off the rest, or had the brush pull it off when stalking. Then there is the winter weather, which just freezes your fingers when holding your arrow on the bow rest, waiting for that Buck. The Whisker Biscuit takes all this away.

You may be concerned about the resistance of the arrow and fletchings to the Whiskers when shooting, but unless you are shooting competition there is no worry. My best shot is at 25 yards, most are less than 20 yards, and I’m sighted in for 40 yards. Let’s say for all practical reasons that the Biscuit causes your arrow to shoot 1/4″ off over 40 yards. Well the lungs and heart are much larger areas then this, so that will not affect your hunt.

Now let’s say the Whisker Biscuit decreases your arrow velocity by 10 FPS (Feet Per Second) due to the slight drag from the whiskers, and using and average arrow velocity of 240 FPS, here is the difference. Shooting 20 yards your arrow will impact the target in 0.26 seconds instead of 0.25 seconds and shooting 40 yards the impact will be in 0.52 seconds instead of 0.50 seconds. Do you think this is going to make any difference, not at all.

So don’t waste your time and money, purchase the best arrow rest out there, The Whisker Biscuit.

Here are a few of the arrow rest I have tossed in my game box and will never use again!