Deep Weedlines – Larger Bass

It’s seems Bass are easy to catch and can be caught all year long, but there are times in the season when they are more active than others.I find in the early summer you can catch them in the shallows feeding, but once summer is in full swing you need to go to the deeper weedlines. Now if you have not fished the Fall season for Bass then you are missing out. Early Fall is like no other time of the year for catching Largemouth Bass. The bass are preparing for Winter and the Spring spawning season, so they are feeding more aggressively and carrying more weight.

Where To Catch The Largest Bass

In the early Fall season focus on the deep weedlines with sharp drop-offs for the largest fish. If the sun is high I go deeper than during the dusk and dawn times. On this bass trip we were on the lake from 4pm to 7pm and caught over 15 bass, the largest being a 4.5 lb Largemouth and a 3 lb Smallmouth.

Using the Strike King & Innovation Shad Combination

When the Sun is high or the water is choppy I will go deep with this artificial combination. I go to the weedlines that are close to a quick and deep drop. Now this bait combination may not catch as many fish as a Bandit Crankbait, but it will catch large bass. I consistently catch 4 to 5 lb Largemouth Bass with this and occasionally one up to 6 lbs. I also catch nice Smallmouth with this, but have found better baits for the Smallies.

Using The 200 & 300 Bandit Crankbait

I will use the Bandit once the Sun starts to go down and the bass come into the weedline to feed. I like to use the 300 and reel it slowly, as this will dive up to 8 feet then. The Fall Bass can not resist it, but you will find they will not run as large as those you will catch with the Strike King and Reaction Innovation Shad.

Using The J-Plug Or Buzzbait

By late Summer and early Fall I have typically stop using these two baits, due to the weeds being up to the surface. However, if you see a swirl far in the weeds then toss the buzzbait up there, It won’t take long and that bass will find it.

One tactic I found to work great when using the buzzbait is to toss it up high so the bass can see it coming. Why, well the bass are always looking for dragonflies to eat and they need to time it perfectly or they will miss it. The same holds true for top water baits, ever notice a lot of your bass hits are right after it hits the water…

Early Fall Bass Catch

Here is our catch for this 3 hour bass fishing trip, using the Strike King & Reaction Innovation Bait Combination. In my video you will see the Bait Combination used and the differences between a Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass..