The Best Way To Get Your Deer Out Of The Woods

If you’re fortunate and dropped your deer in an area where you have driving access then the best way is to drive up to it with your vehicle or an ATV. However, many of us can not afford an ATV or may not have driving access. In this case I found a Game Cart to be the best alternative.

The Deer Game Cart

I purchased the Cabela’s Deluxe Game Cart over 26 years ago, which at that time was only $50, and it’s still the vehicle I use to get my Buck out of the woods. This deer cart has been used in tall grass, flat land, rolling hills, and very large hills and is still in great shape. I recommend the Deluxe Cart and this is why. After 5 years of using this cart on my land in Buffalo County Wisconsin, which was one of the highest peaks in Lee Valley, I had the spokes on one of the wheels blow out. I called Cabela’s and they replaced the entire cart at no cost, great customer service after 5 years of usage. Now even after another 21 years this cart has nothing wrong with it, the material is still like new and the wheels are in great shape. So for a few dollars you are purchasing something that will last over 20 years and most likely my life time.