Traditions Pursuit Muzzleloader Product Information

I hung up the traditional rifle and shotgun weapons for Deer hunting over 20 years ago and use only a Black Powder Muzzleloader now. Up until 2011, I used a Thompson Center 50 Cal, which was great for shots within 150 yards. However, I wanted something that would reach 300 yards across the back field on the farm. So after much research and phone calls to the company’s technical experts, I found the Traditions Pursuit to be the best muzzleloader rifle on the market that met my specifications. I gave this Muzzleloader Rifle a 4 out of 5 because of the ramrod. See below for comments on the RAMROD. Now a new Traditions Muzzleloader released in 2014, the Vortek StrikerFire LDR with a 30″ barrel for more accuracy and range.

Now, you may question a 300 yard shot, but the first deer I took with the Pursuit 50 Cal, was at 238 yards. How to equip your Pursuit Muzzleloader to accurately reach out 300 yards.

Traditions Pursuit’s Barrel Specifications

The Traditions Pursuit 50 Cal Rifle comes with a 28″ fluted and tapered Nickel plated Barrel. The barrel is made from a chrome-moly steel and finished off with a CeraKote finish, which adds durability and resistance against abrasions and corrosion (rust).

The added 2 inches of barrel length and the 1/28″ twist ratio are designed to give the shooter improved accuracy and range, while the Accelerator Breech Plug design gives ease to cleaning.

Traditions Pursuit’s Stock Features

The stock is synthetic, with a Mossy Oak pattern, and a soft rubberized coating. It’s designed with a thumbhole behind the trigger providing improved steadiness, which correlates directly to your accuracy.

Traditions Pursuit 50 Cal Rifle Specifications.

This Black Powder Rifle is lightweight (6 lbs 6 oz) and comes with a relief recoil pad. It’s designed for; accuracy, ease of loading, ease of cleaning, and durability against anything Nature has to offer. The barrels two extra inches, along with a full revolution of your Round (1/28″ twist), offers increased velocity and range.

The Tradition Pursuit Muzzleloader features a break-open action, by pressing a button on the front of the trigger guard. Once the barrel is broken the Accelerator Breech Plug is exposed. This plug is easily removed, allowing your cleaning rod to push completely through the barrel. It also comes with a dual safety, the normal cocking hammer and a safety push button right behind the trigger, in the trigger guard.

Tradition Pursuit Muzzleloader RAMROD

The only negative I found that keeps me from rating this Black Powder Rifle as a 5 Star, is the Ramrod. Due to the 2″ added to the barrel the ramrod is too short for cleaning. It works fine for loading, but could use a little more length here also.

**** Great price and can be purchased through Tradition’s specialty store. Traditions specialty store offers Factory Seconds, which are the same quality you would get with a new Traditions firearm. Except, these rifles may have a small cosmetic blemish in the finish, a scratch or dent, or may have been one of their test fire guns. These rifles also carry the limited lifetime warranty. *****