Dog & Cat DNA Test that are easy to use, quick results back in 2-4 weeks. Test for Breed Identification, Ancestry, Traits, Medical Complications, Medication sensitivities, Food Sensitivities and Environmental Sensitivities.

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Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit

Comprehensive Breed, Health and Dental Analysis Across 114 Traits for Accurate and Easy-to-Use Genetic Insights

The Basepaws Cat DNA Test gives you answers specific to your cat’s breed composition, traits, and health. Learn more about their unique needs, personality, genetic predispositions, and dental health. Most advanced and comprehensive cat DNA test on the market.

– Breed and Trait Insights
– Common Disease Screening
– Free Dental Health Report
– Easy, Fast, and Impactful
– Most Advanced Cat DNA Test

Embark Dog DNA Test

Breed & Health Kit, Breed Identification & Canine Genetic Health Screening

The Embark Dog DNA Test is easy to use. Just swab the inside of your dog’s mouth, activate your kit, and send the sample in a prepaid envelope to the lab. That’s it!

– Embark swabs
– Fast results
– Excellent service
– Results are guaranteed
– Highest rated & most trusted
– Hundreds of actionable health insights

Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA Test for Ancestry, Traits & Medical Complications

New and Improved Dog DNA Test for Ancestry, Traits and Medical Complications

The Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA Test for Ancestry, Traits & Medical Complications are simple and easy to use. Just open the swab sleeve 1 inch and remove without touching the bristles. Firmly roll swab between dog’s cheek and gums for 15 seconds per swab. Insert swab handle in carton hole and air dry for 5 min. Send in the kit, results in 2-3 weeks.

– 35+ trait tests
– Results in 2-4 weeks
– Highest rated dog DNA test
– World’s leading dog DNA service
– Uncover ancestry, trait & key health insights

Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test

Most Accurate Dog DNA Test, Test 350+ Dog Breeds, Breed ID Kit with Ancestry & Family Tree

Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test, tests over 230,000 genetic markers, twice as many as the next competitor. They also screen for 350+ dog breeds, making this test one of the most accurate and scientifically advanced on the market.

– Fast Results
– Excellent Service
– Results are guaranteed.
– Breed ID, twice as precise
– Highest Rated & Most Trusted
– Discover a direct family member

Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery 3.0 Dog DNA Test Kit

Most Accurate Breed ID, MDR1, Ancestry, Relatives

The world’s most accurate pet DNA test, you’ll know your dog like never before. This test will screen for 350+ breeds, medication sensitivities and trace their ancestry.

– 5 star reviews
– Trace their ancestry
– Test for 350+ breeds
– Test for medication sensitivities
– World’s most accurate pet DNA test
– Find relatives through Wisdom Panel