Catching Bass Anytime Of The Day

Bass are light sensitive, but that does not mean they will not bite at high noon, you just need to know where to look and what to use. I have found great success in catching Bass early, noon, and in the evening, So if someone tells you the best time is early morning or evening, it’s most likely they have not found those drop-offs and tried going deep. Since I like to see the action of the fish striking I do prefer top water baits, thus I spend more time fishing shallow water.

Which Bass Baits To Use

When fishing in Shallow water try shallow water crank-baits (3 – 5 ft divers), top water baits such as Bass Poppers, Jitterbugs, Buzz-baits, or plastics (crawlers and lizards). The best times are early morning and dust to midnight. When fishing in the noon hours try using crank-baits that dive 12 feet or deeper or weighted down plastics and focus on the drop-offs.

The 3 Baits In This Video

Here we show catching bass in shallow and deep water using only 3 different baits; Bass Popper, Buzz-bait, and the 300 Series Bandit Crank-bait (Humblebee).