Taking Two Special Needs Young Ladies Fishing

If you think taking a special needs person fishing is just fun for them, I’m here to tell you it’s priceless. I had the pleasure of taking two young ladies, Cassandra and Chastity fishing for a couple of days and watching their excitement when they caught a fish, whether it was a Bluegill, Bass, or Pike.

What Boat and Baits To Use

To make the fishing comfortable for everyone I put the bass boat away and used my fishing pontoon boat. What is a fishing pontoon boat, it’s one that my sons and I rebuilt just for fishing. This gave us plenty of room, with benches, a trolling motor, captains seats, and a live-well.

The baits we used were top water Bass Poppers, for Large and Small Mouth Bass and Hook, Line & Bobber for Bluegills. By staying with Artificial Baits we did not need to mess with worms, leeches or minnows.

Understanding The Interest Of Each Special Needs fisherman

Every Fisherman is unique, they have different skills, different expectations, and different interest. And these two special ladies were no different. Cassandra was excited and hungry for Bluegills and Chastity wanted something a littler bigger, so Bass was on her menu.

Cassandra Catching Bluegills

Cassandra is a very serious fisherman, yet she was so thrilled to see her bobber go under each time. It was like seeing Fireworks for the first time, while each Bluegill she caught, was like winning the grand prize. She was also quick in letting me know that I needed to sharpen up my skills and not let any more Bluegills get off. What a joy and blessing it was to have her spend a few days with us fishing.

Here she is showing us how to catch Bluegills.

Chastity Catching Bass And Pike

Chastity is a fisherman who just loves being out there and has such a kind heart. She became an expert in using a top water bass popper after just a few casts. We even threw a few up into shoreline trees, which gave a good fight, but not as good to eat. Oh, and how we laughed at my great casting skills. Maybe it was the wind that day or just my adrenaline from having two incredible young ladies fishing with me.

Here Chastity is fighting one of her Bass and showing her Mom how it’s done!

My thanks to the ONE, what blessing and fun, they better come, for another day of fishing in the sun. I hope to see them again in 2015.

God Bless!