When are the Peak Fall Colors

Autumn occurs at different times each year depending on the weather. The color changes will start in the upper states and and work its way South as Winter approaches. See when your Peak Colors will arrive. Here are a few pictures along the Mississippi River and near Lake Pepin MN.

Why Do The Leaves Change Color

In the spring when the temperature warms up the trees begin to draw water from the ground and carbon dioxide from the air and with the help of the Sun (light) turn this into oxygen and sugar, this process is called Photosynthesis. However, there is a chemical in the plant called Chlorophyll that helps make this happen, but also produces a dominant color (Green) in the leaves. Now as summer ends and Autumn begins we have less light and water getting to the trees, which affects the photosynthesis process, so the trees begin to shut down (hibernate) for the Winter. Once this happens the Chlorophyll shuts down giving up its dominant green color, which allows the orange, yellow, and red colors to appear. Leaf colors will vary depending on what is left or trapped in the leaf after the Chlorophyll has stopped, such as Glucose.

Still Time To Use Leaves As A Scent Blocker

Hunters there is still time to gather leaves to use for blocking your scent for hunting. Click on Blocking Scent to see how to use leaves, it’s simple and free.