Is It Worth Hunting During A Snow Storm

Snow on the ground has many advantages and changes the deer habits quickly. Here we will cover their reactions to a snow storm and the advantages/disadvantages.

Advantages Due To A Snow Storm

When the first snow starts to fall it’s like a new hunting season is starting and gets the hunters adrenaline pumping. Hunters know you will be able to walk quieter, see further, and track easier. Fresh snow will also provide valuable information such as, where the deer are concentrated, bedding areas, feeding areas, and what trials are being used.

However there are other benefits as well; the Deer know when a storm is coming so they will start to move, feed, and head for cover to wait the storm out. As soon as the storm let’s up they will be anxious to get moving and feeding again, so these are good times to be in the woods. Snow fall will also help trigger the Deer Migration, making the second rut and late December a great time to hunt.

If the snow fall is light, then yes by all means be in the woods as this will not affect the deer like a heavy snow storm. A light snow fall can also help conceal you and allow you to move quietly.

Disadvantages Due To A Snow Storm

Heavy snow storms will send deer into thick brush or a canopy of trees with low lying limbs to hunker down (bed) until the storm is over. During a storm Deer do not like moving and will lay there allowing the snow to cover them until the storm is over. This makes it very difficult to hunt from a stand or still hunt, if you can even see. This is bad news for both the Archery and Gun Hunters.

As much as I love being in the woods and enjoy the snow, I recommend you avoid hunting during a snow storm. Let the outer hunters spend that day or two in the woods while you stay refreshed and ready, because as soon as that storm is over you want to there. The deer will now increase their activity, but don’t just hunt the early and late hours, focus on the afternoon as this seems to be the most active time right after a large storm.