Incredible Trout Fishing In Colorado

There are many outstanding rivers and reservoirs for catching Trout in Colorado, but one of my best is in Stagecoach. Just 20 min south of Steamboat Springs is Stagecoach State Park, which offers incredible Trout Fishing.

The Incredible Scenery

Nestled into the Rocky Mountains is Stagecoach State Park with a 820 surface acre reservoir. Stagecoach Park is known for its trophy fishing, abundant wildlife, water sports and spectacular scenery. The Stagecoach reservoir produces hard fighting rainbows averaging 14-to-18 inches with larger Rainbows weighting up to 9 lbs.

How Catch The Rainbows

There are many different ways to catch Trout, but here is what I have found that works greats. Just remember you are there to enjoy the scenery and fishing, so relax and savor the moment. What I mean is; pack a lunch, take a lawn chair, an umbrella for shade, a ground pole holder, and night crawlers and kick back and wait for the fight.

Now for rigging up your pole. Take a slip sinker (football sinker) and a split shot and set this up allowing for 18 inches of line to the hook. 12 inches behind the split shot place a fly fishing striker (a small ice fishing bobber will work as well), this will bring your bait up off the bottom a few inches depending on the current and the weight of your bait. Now take 1/2 of a night crawler and the smallest hook you can find and thread the nigh crawler up the hook and line. Now toss it out as far as you can, place your pole in the pole holder and set back and relax unto the action starts. Try to use a very small hook, size 14 or smaller and take extras. If the Trout swallow the hook do not try to remove it, just cut the line and tie on a new one. You can always remove your hooks later when filleting your fish.