Making Your Own Deer Stand Skirting

Making your own Camouflage Skirting for your Deer Stand is easy, fun, cheap, and you can designed it to your specific needs. The skirting can be done With a sewing machine or needle & thread and does not take long to complete. In 2016 I made some improvements on the Deer Skirt, which still is not available on the market. This skirt works great with Self Climbing and Dual Ladder Stands. You can now purchase these from my MWOutdoors Store.

Where & What Material To Purchase

I purchased my material from Jo-Ann Fabric, but Camouflage material can be purchased at most fabric stores. These Fabric Stores will typically carry multiple Camouflage designs in a variety of materials. I prefer cotton for deer stand skirts; as it’s easy to work with, durable, long lasting, and does not make noise when touched or blowing in the wind. Another advantage of cotton is that it will not pick-up Burrs & Stick-Tights like other materials will.

How To Purchase Camo Material Cheap

Camouflage material can be very expensive, but if you watch for specials (Sales & Doorbuster sales) and coupons you can get it relatively cheap. The Cotton Material I purchased was regularly priced at $14.99 per yard, wow expensive right? No, I had a coupon for $3 off per yard and it was on sale for 50% off. So I paid only $4.50 per yard. Now these deals come up all the time so keep your eyes open and when you see the sales purchase some.

How Much Material Do You Need

Each stand and hunter is different, so the length and width for your stand will vary, but you are limited to the width the material is sold by, which will vary depending on that material. For example, Realtree Ap Shirting Camo, 100% cotton comes 60 inches wide, Camouflage Oilcloth comes 47 inches wide, and Truetimber Crappie Camouflage, 100% Polyester, comes 59″ Wide.

How To Sew The Material

Your camouflage material can be sewn by hand or machine. I prefer asking my wife and having her use her sewing machine. one tip I have when sewing your material is to fold all edges over and sew a seam all the way round. This will stop the material from fraying over the years. For any loops added to your deer stand skirt do the same or use your sewing machine to put a stitch pattern on the edges to stop fraying. You will notice this is how we did the loops on my Camo skirts.

For my self climber skirts the dimensions I use are; 52 inches long (to wrap around my stand) by 34 inches wide (to cover my lower body). So if the material is sold 60 inches wide you have one yard (piece) 36 inches X 60 inches. Note, you can buy material by the length and not by the yard, so if you are looking for a wider (deeper) piece to cover more of your lower body then purchase 1.25 yards or 1.5 yards. Here in this video I show the skirt I made and how I attached it to the stand.

Older Stand Skirt & Seat

Here I show an older self climber deer stand with a homemade Camouflage skirt and vinyl seat.