How To Fillet A Walleye

To fillet Walleyes or any pan fish is quick and easy. The real secret is in having a good sharp fillet knife. For Walleyes I will use a 6″ Fillet Knife unless they are larger than 4 pounds, then I use a 9″ knife. See how to Fillet A Bluegill.

Filleting Walleyes

This short video will step you through the process of filleting a Walleye. Once you have the fillet removed you will want to remove the cartilage in the fillet. Now you’re not done yet as we need to remove the best tasting part of the Walleye, the cheek meat. This meat is by far a delicacy, so don’t toss it out.

How To Clean Walleye Fillets

Fist rinse your fillets 3 times to remove all the scales, then add salt to pull out any blood in the fillets and place into the refrigerator for a hour or two.