Creating A Three Variety Apple Tree

To demonstrate grafting I have taken one of my mature Connell Red Apple Trees and cut back two thirds of the tree to create a 3 in 1 Apple Tree; Connell Reds, HoneyCrisp, & Wealthy.

Grafts To Use

Because we are grafting to a mature apple tree we will be using the Cleft and Bark grafts as the branches and trunks will be too large to use a Whip & Tongue graft.

Cutting And Grafting The Tree

Demonstrating how to create a 3 in 1 Apple Tree!

Monitoring The Grafting Progress Throughout The Season

See Part 2, where the grafts are leafing out just after 3 weeks, May 10.

Progress after 10 weeks

See Part 3 and the growth at 10 weeks, June 20th.

Year End Growth Oct 3rd

Now that the season is almost over and the apples are ready to pick we will take a look at how our Scions on our 3 in 1 Apple Tree is doing. These scions have great growth and I expect they will start to bear fruit next year, even though we should wait one more season.