Fishing With A Women

Okay men say to yourself 3 times; I will not be out fished by her, I will not be out fished by her, I will not be out fished by her, trust me it does not work! Now to reality, Women enjoy and love the outdoors just as much as men and if you take a moment to look it’s easy to see. So the next time you’re fishing or hunting with your Wife, Fiance, Girlfriend, or Best Friend notice the smile on their face or that glimmer in their eye, and what better feeling then to be sharing that incredible movement/adventure with them.

Providing An Unforgettable Experience

Now you guys know when teaching your wife, daughter or any young lady to fish we are going to do everything we can to make their trip unforgettable. Yes, we will give them our best rod & reel, fishing bait, or lure. Then we will introduce them to our most productive fishing spot just to improve their odds in hope they can catch a glimpse of what we experience when that fish hits.

I know when trying to help a young lady to fish things do not always go as planned, so have patience and remember those not so proud moments you had when first learning, such as hooking a fellow fisherman, tossing your bait into the trees, or even knocking your $300 rod & reel overboard. Oh, wait I did not tell my wife about that one, as what happens in the boat needs to be left in the boat or of course the truth stretch just a little.

In the last few years I have taught my best friend, yes my wife, how to fly fish, bass fish and walleye fish, and yes she does out fish me on many occasions and the comradely is great! And who else would I rather have by my side experiencing the things I enjoy so much.

Turn Challenges and Frustrations Into Positives

Each one of us are unique along with those that we want to share the outdoors with, so when those challenges and frustrations arise take a breath and look that young lady in the eye and let her know it’s good. For example, the first time my wife caught me in the side with a crank-bait I simply ask her to NOT set the hook as she just caught the biggest sucker in the lake. Now it did take her a few minutes before she could gather her composure and was ready to fish again, since she was laughing so hard. A few other frustrations we worked though were teaching her how to fly fish and being able to cast more than 10ft, or catching those tress on the shoreline, and of course having that big one get off, what great moments these are!

Women In Action

Here are a few of the Women I know that have an incredible passion and love for the Outdoors. If you look closely you can see the Glimmer in their eyes!

The following young ladies are; those who work for me in the Quality Organizations, their children, Special Needs young ladies (2), a good friend, and my wife. What a pleasure it is to experience the outdoors right beside them, learning and experiencing new adventures.

Two Special Ladies (Casandra & Chas)

Co-Worker (Janice) And Daughters

Co-Workers Fiance (Cheech)

Co-Worker (Gabriela)

One Of My Sons Friends (Sam)

Wife (Wendy) 37 Incredible Years