Wanna Catch More Walleyes Through The ICE – Try This!

I was hungry for a Walleye meal so I packed up my gear and traveled to a lake in Indiana that many fisherman will not even try for walleyes since they are so hard to catch there. However there are a bounty of large walleyes in this lake and I have found a technique that works great.

Fishing The Sand Bar

As I started to set up and drill my holes I asked another fisherman, doing any good? No, was the ice fisherman’s reply. Been here about an hour and all I’ve had are a couple of Pan fish taps. Are you sure they were pan fish? This gin colored lake is notorious for very light biting walleyes. I knew from experience!

Rigging The Rapala Jig For Lite Biting Walleyes

To rig for lite biting walleyes on this lake I use a number 7 Rapala jig with a short stinger hook attached to the rear hook and add a pinched off minnow head to the belly treble. Yep just as I thought, those pan-fish taps became walleyes in my skillet. The majority of these walleyes were caught on the stinger hook and the minnow heads greatly enhanced the presentation. It’s also a great way to use those dead minnows that did not survive the trip. For more on how to use this Jig.

Fishing Walleyes In Deep Water

This lake has some deep holes over 100 feet, so If I’m fishing in water that is 18 feet or deeper I prefer to use 12# Fluorocarbon for solid hook setting power. Otherwise, I will stick with 6 to 8 lb fluorocarbon. Hope this helps put more walleyes in your bucket. Good luck fishing.