2” Gulp Minnow Helps Japan’s CAJ Teachers Catch Crappies

On this fishing trip I took a couple of Teachers from Japan’s CAJ (Christian Academy of Japan) fishing for Walleyes, bluegills and Crappies. But since the Crappies were feeding so aggressive and these teachers wanted action, we focused on the Crappies. Teachers Victor & Craig from CAJ!

How To Find The Crappies

Crappies are easy to find, depending on the time of day, and this trip was no different. With a little experience you will learn what action on the water is crappie action, weather you are near the weed-lines or in the middle of the lake you can catch Crappies.

The best time to get out onto the lake to search for Crappies is at dawn (5 am to 8:30 am) or a few hours before Sunset (6 pm).. What you want to look for are; the schools of minnows on the surface, minnows jumping out of the water, rough looking water when there is no wind and water is like glass, and crappies jumping out of the water.

On this trip we found all of these signs, but decided to focus on the crappies jumping out of the water on a weed-line that was deeper than normal. We were hoping for larger Crappies on this trip, 10 – 14 inches.

Crappie Bait the CAJ Teachers Used

Again I used the best bait there is for these catching Crappies; the Gulp 2” Minnow on a Crappie Tube Hook with 2.5 feet of monofilament line behind a Tube Bobber.