How To Fillet A Bass

To fillet a Bass or any pan fish is quick and easy. The real secret is in having a good sharp fillet knife. For small Bass I will use my 6″ Fillet Knife and for larger Bass I will use a 9″ Fillet Knife. See how to Fillet A Bluegill.

Filleting Large and Small Mouth Bass

This short video will step you through on how to fillet a Bass. It just takes a few fish to get used to using a fillet knife and following the bones over the rib cage and down to the tail. However, before you are done you will want to remove the cartilage in the fillet which I will show you how to do as well.

Cooking Bass

In my opinion, Bass is not as good as a Bluegill or Walleye. So how do we prepare this fish for the best taste? Their are two ways I use to cook Bass; Pan Fry and Deep Fry. Deep Fry use the same method as for Bluegills.

Now for Pan Frying; I will take my fillets and soak them in buttermilk for a few minutes, then I will roll them in flour with some lawyer’s seasoning. Once the fillets are cooked they are ready to eat, but hold on, here’s a great tip! Take your Bass Fillets and put them on a plate and put them into the refrigerator over night. This will allow the oil to soak out onto the plate as Bass as more oil than Bluegills and Walleyes. Now take the fillet and warm it up in the Microwave and put it between two pieces of bread with tarter sauce. This makes a very good fish sandwich.