Catching Bluegills & Sunfish – 2016 Sexiest Chicks Fishing

It’s was a rainy weekend in Duluth Mn and I was hungry to try for some Walleyes. But before I could make my plans I was approached and asked if I would take two very attractive young ladies, new to fishing, fly fishing for Bluegills. Now the hard part here was not finding the Bluegills and Sunfish since they were just starting to form the beds for spawning, but to teach them how to use a Fly Rod versus a Spin Casting Rod, while not getting my wife upset.

To help I had one of my son’s, Andrew work with Brooke while I helped Lorna and did what video taping I could. The action and fun turned out to be one of the best weekends I have experienced. The excitement, frustration, competition, and smiles just made me laugh and you will see some of that in my videos.

Naturals with the Fly Rods – Catching lots of Bluegills

It did not take long for both of these young ladies to become novice on the fly rod and not need any help, other than touching the fish and taking them off the hook. Both Girls were good at laying the line out, pulling up on the strike, and generating the biggest smiles I have seen for sometime. It was obvious they were having the best fishing adventure of their life. What a way to get anyone hooked on fishing. Young men take note as the saying is; best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, maybe the best way to a woman’s heart is through Fly Fishing!

Best Fly Fishing Baits On This Adventure

To make it as easy as possible for seeing the Bluegill strikes and knowing when to pull the Fly Rod up I used the Dry Flies (Spiders) I made on the bench rather than a Wet Fly.

The dry fly (spiders) colors that worked best on this fishing adventure were Saturday; Green and Blue Body Spiders with White Rubber Legs, Sunday; Light Brown Spider Body with Rainbow Flashabou Legs and the Red Spider Body with White Rubber Legs. The spiders that held up the best were the ones I made with no tying involved, only epoxy used for gluing the body to the hook and legs to the foam body. You can see my article and video on how to make these.

How To Use A Fly Rod

The Fly Rod methods I stressed with three fly rods being used on one pontoon, my wife joined us, was the 1 o’clock to 9 o’clock and the roll over for line bundled up closely to the boat. During the two outings we had no one getting hook, zero tangles with each other, caught a lot of fish, and generated a lot of smiles, I call this success!

The Bluegill & Sunfish Catch

During this expedition we had multiple doubles, two fish on at the same time, but could not get that triple. We kept thirty very nice Gills from the first trip and fifteen on Sunday, which made for a good fish fry. The beds were 15 to 20 feet from the pontoon and in 6 to 8 inches of water, making it easy to see the beds, the gills swimming around, the strike, and handling the fly line. In the video on Bluegills boiling the water I slowed the action down for an incredible view of the action.