How To Make Fly Fishing Poppers – Quick, Easy, and Cheap

Making Bass & Bluegill Fly Fishing Poppers

When making Fly Fishing Poppers you can purchase all the tools, lacquer paints, feathers, etc.. and make them look like the store poppers, but does it really matter to the Bass and Bluegills. Will I can tell you it does NOT, as I did purchase all the tools and found after years of making flies and poppers you can make them faster, easier, and much cheaper without these tools. Now they will not look like a manufactured popper, but they will catch just as many fish and I can tell you my tools are stored away in a box as these two methods will save you time and money. And they work great!

Making Poppers Out Of Foam

Here I step you through the easiest method I know, making Fly Fishing Poppers out of foam. And there is no thread wrapping or tying involved.

Making Poppers Out Of Dowel Rods

Here I step you through a process that takes a little longer than with foam, but works great and looks good. We will use thread here for the tails, but we do not use feathers as we have a much better material to use that attracts the fish even better. It’s called Flashbou!

Fresh Water Largemouth Bass Or Crossbreed

Largemouth Bass Crossbreed?

If it’s not a Bass what is it, a crossbreed? Well crossbreeds are rare so the odds are it’s not a Bass or a Crossbreed.

Pictures Tell The Truth

A Friend of mine Rodrigo, went fishing this past weekend and caught these two fish. He brought his pictures in (Iphone) to work to show us the Bass he caught and released. He said it was over 8.5 lbs, so it would be no good to eat, but wait the Minnesota Largemouth Bass Record is only 8 lbs 15 oz, so did he toss back a new State Record worth $$?

Once he started to show his Bass pictures on his Iphone not everyone could agree it was a Bass. Some thought a Smallmouth Bass, some a Largemouth Bass and others thought a crossbreed between the two or something else like a Carp.

Well after a few questions on how big the mouth was, for this size you should have been able to fit a softball in there, I asked to see the pictures again and to send them to me via our cell phones. After looking at the head and mouth again I knew right away what he had, A Gray Bass also known as a Fresh Water Drum or Sheepshead. What fun we had then with these guys and their imaginations.

Now Sheepshead can be eaten, but are not typically sought after and have Y-bones more like a Sucker. If I were to eat one I would fillet it with the skin on, soak it in milk for 2 hours, then in brown sugar brine for 24 hours. I would then season it, smoke it, and bring it in to work and let them enjoy it.

How To Fillet A Crappie – Fastest Way With A Knife

The Easiest Way To Fillet Crappies

To fillet a Crappie, Spec, Speckled Bass, or Papermouth is very simple and easy to do. The real secret is in having a good sharp fillet knife. For Crappies I will use a short 6″ fillet knife.

Filleting Crappies

This short video will step you through the process of Filleting a Crappie. It just takes a few fish to get use to using a fillet knife and working around the rib cage and down the bone. Once you have the technique down you should be able to fillet a crappie in under a minute.

How To Cook Crappies

To cook Crappies use the same method as you would for Bluegills. Soak in Buttermilk, roll in seasoned flour, and deep fry.

Easiest Way to Fillet a Largemouth Bass

How To Fillet A Bass

To fillet a Bass or any pan fish is quick and easy. The real secret is in having a good sharp fillet knife. For small Bass I will use my 6″ Fillet Knife and for larger Bass I will use a 9″ Fillet Knife. See how to Fillet A Bluegill.

Filleting Large and Small Mouth Bass

This short video will step you through on how to fillet a Bass. It just takes a few fish to get use to using a fillet knife and following the bones over the rib cage and down to the tail. However before you are done you will want to remove the cartilage in the fillet and I show you how to do that as well.

Cooking Bass

Bass is not as good as a Bluegill or Walleye so how do we prepare this fish for the best taste. Their are two ways I use to cook Bass; Pan Fry and Deep Fry. Deep Fry use the same method as for Bluegills.

Now for Pan Frying; I will take my fillets and soak them in buttermilk for a few minutes, then I will roll them in flour with some lawyer’s seasoning. Once the fillets are cooked they are ready to eat, but hold on here’s a great tip! Take your Bass Fillets and put them on a plate and put them into the refrigerator over night. This will allow the oil to soak out onto the plate as Bass as more oil than Bluegills and Walleyes. Now take the fillet and warm it up in the Microwave and put it between two pieces of bread with tarter sauce. This makes a very good fish sandwich.

Fishing For Crappies – Florida Crappies

Fishing For Crappies

I took an early spring break to get out of the Mid-West Winter for a while and get back to some open water fishing. My intent was to fish for one of the largest Bluegills in the states, the Shellcrackers. However, the weather was still quite cool in Florida and I had to turn my attention to the Crappies. So what is the difference in the Mid-West and Florida Crappie, not much that I could find other than how to catch them.

When To Fish For The Crappies

The Florida Crappie, also known as speckled perch, speck, or white and black crappie are at their best from late fall to early spring and will produce great action and meals while you are waiting for the Shellcrackers to come in. In the Med-West we refer to them as black crappies, yellow crappies, speckled bass, and papermouths. Either way they are fun to catch and plentiful throughout the states.

Where To Catch Crappies

Focus your efforts on the Arrow Heads or Lily Pads as I found these too be very successful. Using a medium to heavy action rod and a good line is recommended as you are using a fishing technique of jigging straight up and down in heavy aquatic water. The lakes I focused on for my trip were Lake Eustis and Lake Harris, which are located near Tavares.

How To Catch Crappies

To catch Crappies use the same jigs you would in the Mid-West. I also found using a small ice fishing bobber works well, but you can also straight line if you prefer. We found the black jig worked well the first night and white the next, so have a few different colors to try.

The Crappie Catch And Filleting

Here is a short video on my trip and how to use an electric fillet knife for filleting.