Best Time To Catch Crappies

During the Summer and Fall the best time to catch Crappies is from 5:00 am to 9:00 am and 2 hours before dark.

Where To Find Crappies

During the early and late hours the best place I have found Crappies is just off weed-lines that have shallow drop-offs or the beginning of a sand bar. This seems to hold the most schools of minnows that these Crappies are feeding on. You also want to try under swimming rafts that are stationed just beyond the weed-lines, here you may find a few protecting themselves for the sun. During the day time hours you will want to focus on the deep drop-offs, fishing a little deeper.

Mid-West Crappies.

Florida Crappies.

Best Bait To Use

I have found that a plain Crappie Tube will work well, but by tipping it with a PowerBait 2″ shiner it will increase the action even more. However, I do cut or bite off half of the shiners head to cut the length down and expose more of the hook. I have also found that this combination works as well or better than using live bait or tipping with a live minnow.

How I Rig My Fishing Pole

I like to use a tube bobber with 2 feet of line between it and a Crappie Tube. This seems to work well as the Crappies are close to the surface chasing minnows.

How To Fillet Crappies

Filleting Crappies is easy and quick, here I show you how to use either a fillet knife or an electric knife.