Taking The Young Fishing

It‘s the 4th of July week and I have 3 young boys that are interested in going fishing and depending on the action they will either love it or lose interest quickly, possibly forever. So if we really want to hook a new fisherman, especially at this age, we better be able to catch fish and continuously, size is not a factor here or at least I thought!

What Fish Can We Easily Hook A Young Fisherman On

As mentioned above, if you want to hook someone on fishing you will need to produce the fish and the best way to do this is with either Bluegills or Crappies. On our first fishing trip I decided to go for Crappies since they run larger than a Bluegill and the action is almost as fast.

What Crappie Rig To Use

Here I used the best Crappie rig combination I have; the casting bobber, 2 feet of line, and the crappie hook with the Berkley 2” Minnow. This combination seems to really work well for me so why mess with success. In this video the Crappies did well playing their role and the kids were hooked.

Catching Bass On Topwater Baits

Now that I had the 3 young men hooked I thought I was home free, but the oldest (7 yrs old) asked me to take him fishing for a large fish, one bigger than what his dad caught earlier bass fishing (3 lbs). Now that’s a challenge, at least for me. And the bass right now are more focused on the crabs in the lake than anything else, but off we went. I also want him to experience seeing the Bass strike, so my plan was to use a top water Bass Popper, get a bass to hit, set the hook, and give him the pole.

Will we did not catch one as big as his dad’s, but we had fun and I believe we have a new fisherman in the bass fishing family. See our video on our Bass Fishing Trip.