Non-Stop Bluegill Action

If you love catching and eating Bluegills then you need to see how easy it is to find them and have non-stop action for hours.

Where To Find The Bluegills

During the mid May to mid June period the Bluegills will be feeding heavily and/or spawning. So don’t be like many to other fishermen out there trying to fish the drop-offs with worms. This is the time of year you need to be using dry flies!

But first we need to find the Gills. Start by slowly working down the shoreline on a calm day. If you have a Fly Rod use a Green Spider as you work the down the shore. Work the fly (spider) from a distance of 6 inches from shore to 3 feet from shore. Once you find the Gills back off as they are either feeding or on the beds. Even if you have gotten to close to them (as I’ll show in the video), just back off a few feet and wait a few minutes for them to return, they will be back and will continue to feed. If you do not have a fly rod then I recommend using a bobber with your spider tied on with two feet of line.

Two other ways to locate these Gills if you do not have a fly rod to use; one, watch the water in the weeds along the shoreline, any small wake or water movement during this time of the year could be those big bluegills feeding. Yes in only 4 inches of water. The second way is to move slowly on a calm day in the shallow water near shore, once you can see the beds, with Bluegills on them, then back off and give them a few seconds to return and calm down. Next just drop your fly over them.

Best Way For Catching Bluegills

The best method for catching these Bluegills is to use a fly rod. You do not need to purchase an expensive one for Bluegills, so you should be able to purchase one for ~$35. Once you become comfortable with it you can always look into purchasing a better one. If you really do not want to use a fly rod then a casting rod with a spider tied on will work, but it will not be as effective or as fun.

A fly rod is not hard to learn, especially for catching Bluegills. I have taught all my kids, many other young adults and my wife. It only takes a few minutes and you will be catching Gills just as good as I do. I was only 8 years old and self taught when I started using a fly rod. This is what I did to practice; I got an old fly rod and tied a split shot unto the end and practiced using it in our backyard. For help you can see my videos on how to use a fly rod for Bluegills and how to make your own spiders.

Best Bluegill Action You Will Ever See!

Here I show you the beds, then we back off and just watch the action, unbelievable! At first it’s hard to see the Gills, but keep watching and the video will get better.