What Should You Wear When hunting Deer – Camouflage or Illusion Clothing

Is Camouflage Clothing the best thing to use for archery or is there something better? When most Archery Hunters prepare for the deer season the first thing that comes to mind is what camo outfit should we wear? But take a minute and think about your strategy for hunting Deer. Do we not use a number of items to give the Deer the illusion that another deer is in the area? For example; hunters will use deer calls, rattles, scents, and even decoys to attract deer into their area. These method of hunting or use of these materials are ways for creating an illusion to the deer. So why not include your hunting clothes as well?

Using Camouflage Clothing

When Archery Hunters prepare for the season one of the first things they do is to make sure they have camouflage hunting clothes that match their surroundings. Now if we look at the early archery season the woods and fields are still much alive with crops, vegetation, and leaves, so what would be better than camouflage?

Also during this time in the season the only illusion devices that work are the doe bleat and decoy. So I would agree during the first half of the Archer season camouflage material is the most effective clothing to use, however, as the season changes that will change also.

Using Clothes That Give The Deer An Illusion

Is Camouflage the best clothing to wear during the entire archery season or is there something else hunters should consider?

Well from my experience there is when the conditions are right. Yes, clothing that gives the hunter better odds for getting close to the deer. Before I mention it let’s look at two different definitions that are used in the aid of Deer Hunting; Camouflage & Illusion.


The condition in which the appearance of a Hunter when place against a background makes that Hunter difficult or impossible to see.


The appearance of something that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses of the Deer.

Camouflage versus Illusion

So which is better, to hide from the deer or to give the deer a perception. I tell you both work and have their advantages at different times of the Archery season.

When the leaves are off and you like to stalk or still hunt then the perception or illusion is the best way to go. But what outfit do you use, well I like either the buckskin outfit or a large winter coat (brown, soft, & quiet) that resembles the hide of a deer. I have found when using these outfits I attract the deer or at least get their curiosity so they come in close presenting me with an easy archery shot. These outfits also work well for deer stands, as I have had many bucks see me sitting there and yet still walk up to see what I am.

Now what do you do once Winter hits and there is snow on the ground, I stick with the illusion or brown outfits and it works well for me. However it’s your call, do you dress to become invisible (White Camo) or to create an illusion?