Kids For Fishing

Spring is late in Upper Wisconsin as it’s the second week of June already, but the Bluegills are finally in and have started the beds for the spawning season. So grab the family, fly rods, and the dog and watch the smiles as you experience the best action of the year for catching Bluegills.

Bluegills In Shallow Water

This year we are going to introduce a new fisherman (8 year old Jonas) to Fly Fishing and what better way to get him hooked then the action of catching Bluegills on the beds. To get started we need to locate the beds, then back the boat off, anchor, and start fishing.

Fly Fishing 101

It only takes a few minutes to teach kids & adults how to fly fish for Bluegills. Here are the steps I used for teaching Jonas how to use a fly rod. You will see in the video how well he did on his first fly fishing adventure.

Teaching A Child How To Fly Fish For Bluegills

1-Position your boat so you’re close enough for them to cast to the beds, 15 feet max. *Too close and you will push the Bluegills off.

2- Explain how to handle the fly rod and how to get the spider (dry fly) to dance across the water.

3- Catch a few Gills and hand them the fly rod so they can experience the fight, how to keep the rod up, and how to lift the fish out of the water.

4- Have them cast just a few feet of line out (10 ft) to see how the rod handles.

5- Show them how to position the fly rod once the line hits the water to avoid or minimize moving the spider away from the point of contact.

6- Show them how to collect the line in their hand to keep the spider moving, how to work the tip of the rod to get the spider to dance (move across the water), and how to set the hook on a strike or to get ready to toss the line again.

The Kid Is Hooked – Action

The video says it all, I think I have a new fishing partner for life. He can now catch his own fish and is even learning how to fillet.

See How To Make Your Own Spiders

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Diner Time – Ah So Good!

The best way to cook Bluegills;
1- Fillet the Bluegills, removing all bones.
2- Cut each fillets into bite size pieces, ~3 pieces per fillet.
3- Soak the fillets in buttermilk for 3 to 5 minutes.
4- Put the fillets into a container of flour (mixed with a little Lawry’s Seasoning) and shake.
5- Place the fillets into a Deep fryer with peanut oil and cook to golden brown.
6- Enjoy!