What Is The Best Buck Lure – Golden Estrus Tops All

During the archery season I will spend up to 40 hours a week hunting the dominant buck in the area. However, key ingredients for success include a buck lure for the rut season.

During my 35 years of hunting I have found the only true Buck Lure that works consistently, Special Golden Estrus by Wildlife. Now, I do not make any money on promoting this product and I do not work for Wildlife. I’m just sharing my life time of experiences with you so you can be as successful as I have been.

Golden Estrus

Now I can not remember all the different buck lures I have tried, but I do recall the last two, Primetime Premium Doe Estrus Plus and Tinks #69 Doe In Rut, which I would rate as a 1 Star. But why buy anything other than Golden Estrus, it works, 5 Star! Below are a few bucks I have brought in this year with Special Golden Estrus.

How To Use This Lure.

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