What Is The Best Crossbow For Hunting – TenPoint

When choosing which crossbow to purchase one would typically take into consideration the speed, weight, draw weight, accuracy and of course the price. However, I spent many hours in researching and testing crossbows and my findings narrowed my search down to two Brands, the TenPoint and the Barnett. I also found that there was a huge difference in quality and reliability for crossbows over $1,000, so when it comes to crossbows the most expensive bows were the best. Now it was just a madder of quality, speed, handling, accuracy, and cost.

The Barnett Ghost 410 – Fastest Crossbow On The Market

When it came to a Barnett I found that the price made a big difference in Quality and Reliability. In this case the best crossbow from Barnett was the Ghost 410 at a cost of approximately $1,000. This crossbow shoots bolts up to 410 fps (depending on arrow weight), has a draw weight of 185lbs, and weighs 7.2lbs. However, there are many reviews out there that claim the string frays easily due to its design and after shooting it I decided the speed was not enough of a factor, so I went with the Tenpoint.

The Speed of the Barnett Ghost 410 verse the TenPoint Stealth

When considering the speed of the Barnett over the TenPoint look at the calculation and see if the speed is really worth the reliability you will sacrifice.

TenPoint at 333 fps, Barnett at 410 fps. At 50 yards you have 150 feet, so the TenPoint will reach its target at 50 yards in 0.45 seconds, while the Barnett will reach the same target in 0.36 seconds. Will 0.45s – 0.36s = 0.09 seconds really make a difference and is it worth the quality and reliability you will be sacrificing?

The Best Crossbow For Hunting – TenPoint Stealth

Once I decided to go with a TenPoint I needed to figure out which one was the best for me. I set price aside and went with accuracy, quality, reliability, fit & handling, and ease of use in the woods & deer stand. After more research and testing I choose the Stealth SS crossbow package with ACUdraw at a cost of approximately $1,200. This crossbow shoots bolts up to 333 fps, has a draw weight of 185lbs, and weighs 6.8lbs. The accuracy, Quality and Reliability are second to none. It was easy to sight in with very few shots, with the first cross-hair set to 20 yards and the remaining cross-hairs; 30, 40, and 50 yards, and very accurate. The buck I took this year (2014) was at 40 yards on a trot.

My recommendation is; Save a few more dollars and purchase the best. You will not regret it and it will last for many years. I purchased this crossbow through Cabela’s as they will assemble it for you, allow you to shoot it first, will replace strings/cables/parts at no labor cost, and back up the warranty.