Berkley Gulp Maggots

Berkley Gulp Maggots can be used year round for Bluegills; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. You can find them for around $4. I purchased two bottles over 3 years ago, have caught hundreds of Bluegills and just completed the first bottle, so they will last in you tackle box for years, just keep the lid on to keep them from drying out.

How To Use Gulp Maggots

The Gulp Maggot, which I call the pink lady can be added to tear drops for ice fishing or small jigs for summer time fishing. I have found that by tipping a 1/64 jig with flashabou skirting works great and catches many bluegills off one piece. To apply your pink lady start at one end and thread this onto your hook until the hook point and barb push through the other end. How to add Flashabou to your jigs.

See The Pink Lady In Action

I Recommend This Bait For Bluegills

I recommend you try this bait. I know $4 to $5 is a lot for bait, but one bottle will catch 100s of Bluegills and will last many years in your tackle box if you keep the lid on so it does not dry out. And it’s a lot cheaper than live bait which does not last long. For me, I will always have a bottle of this in my tackle box.