How To Make A Great Barbecue Sauce

After trying many different ingredients to make a great BBQ for Chicken and Ribs, but with little time and expense involved, I finally came up with one. I also use ingredients that many of us have at home already, so no special trips to a unique store to find.

Ingredients for Making Our BBQ

When using these ingredients you need to determine if you want a tangy sauce, a sweet sauce, a rich sauce, or any combination. You can even change the amount of tangy taste you like, for example I like my ribs more tangy than my chicken and I like my chicken richer in taste.

1. Sweet Baby Ray’s “Honey Barbecue Sauce” (2/3 of the amount you will need for the entire sauce)
2. Heinz Ketchup (last 1/3 to complete the amount of sauce you needed)
3. Yellow Mustard or French Mustard (Tangy Ingredient, taste the sauce until you have the level of Tang you are looking for)
4. Garlic Powder (use only the amount you like to taste, don’t over due it)
5. Molasses or Sorghum (Sweeter) (I like to add a couple of tablespoons)

Making The BBQ Suace

This video will walk you through making this BBQ.