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Bass Fishing in Wisconsin & the Midwest

How to Catch Bass in Wisconsin Lakes & the Rest of the Midwest

Fishing for fresh water Bass in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota is easy and a lot of family fun.

Join us on our adventures and see the action. We cover how to make baits, which baits work the best, how to fillet bass (no bones), and spend a weekend taking two special-needs young ladies fishing.

Our preference for catching bass is to use top water baits so we can see the strike. Baits we use for this are Bass Poppers and Buzz Baits, which work well for both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. The three states we bass fish are Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, even though we will travel to Florida for speckled bass (Crappie) and Rhode Island for Striped Bass as we have family and friends in each of these states.

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