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Where To Find The Walleyes In Your Lake – 2018 Walleye Fishing!

Where To Find The Walleyes? Every lake is unique, but the structure where the Walleyes are and their patterns are very similar. So once you understand structure, feeding, and seasonal effects it should not take you long to locate Walleyes in any lake. Does The Season Affect Where The Walleyes Are? Yes the season change […]

How To Use A Bass Buzzbait – 2018 Bass Fishing!

If you enjoy Bass Fishing then what is better than using a top-water bait and seeing the strike, or catching the action on video, well nothing! One of the best top-water baits for Bass is the Northland Buzzbait. How To Use A Buzzbait The two most common methods for using a Buzzbait are; to keep […]

2018 Whitetail Archery Season – First Evening Hunt!

First Evening Hunt! It is Sept 29th the third weekend of the Minnesota Archery season and my first opportunity to get into the woods for an evening hunt. The temperatures are swing from the high 30s to the high 50s and the wind is blowing aggressively from the Northwest. In this video the deer are […]

2018 Whitetail Archery Season – First Morning Hunt!

Early Morning Hunt It is Sept 22nd the second weekend of the Minnesota Archery season and my first opportunity to get into the woods. The temperatures have finally cooled down, the wind is almost motionless, and the deer are becoming more active. Where To Focus- Early Season For the early archery Whitetail season you will […]

R & R Fishing! 2018

Relaxing & Enjoying – Fishing In The Rain It was the first weekend of August and raining as the thunderstorms were rolling through, but the wind was calm and there was no lightning in the sky. So I decided I would just go out and relax on the water, fishing for whatever would bite and […]