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2019 Turkey Season Is Firing Up!

We just pulled the taps from the Maple Syrup run and finished our boiling when I looked up and could see three Toms and 5 Hens working through the field. Wow what better way to transition from one outdoor activity to another as our Turkey season is only a week away. Preparing For the Season […]

Maple Syrup Season – 2019

It’s been a hard Winter, but that could not keep the Maple Trees from providing one of the best years of sap that I have seen. Maybe it was the amount of snow we got hit with this year, but whatever the reason we are thankful. The Maple Syrup turned out GREAT! Collecting The Maple […]

The Woods Is Alive – 2019

The Winter thaw has started and the runoff is rushing down through the valleys awaking the woods out of its long slumber sleep. The tree buds have begun to swell, the Maple Trees are ready to give up their sap for syrup, Songbirds are coming back, Turkeys dancing, the Deer Herds are breaking up, and […]

When Do Whitetail Deer Shed Their Antlers – 2019

The most common period for Whitetail Deer shedding their antlers is February through March. However, factors such as; Geographical Region and Stress will affect this timing. The Geographical Region bears the greatest influence on the Whitetail Deer, with the Northern Regions starting in January, Midwest in February, and the Southern Deer up to late March. […]

Archery’s Last Weekend – 2018

It’s Christmas break, Winter is here, the temperatures have gotten much colder, and the snow deeper, but don’t be so quick to put those bows away. Even though there are only a few days left in the 2018 Midwest Archery Season this time of the year can produce some of the best Archery Hunting. Why […]