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Buzz Baits Breaking!

Short video on the Northland Buzz Bait breaking. This is temp as I am working with Northland to see if they have a wore quality issue.

Bass Fishing In Late July – 2018 Action!

Best Bass Fishing 2018 I look forward to the third weekend of July as this is the time the Largemouth Bass really get active and destroy whatever you toss on the surface. So why do I prefer top-water baits instead of diving crank-baits on the weed edges and drop-offs, because I like to see the […]

Catching Bass & Crappies 2018 – The Next Generation

Taking The Young Fishing It‘s the 4th of July week and I have 3 young boys that are interested in going fishing and depending on the action they will either love it or lose interest quickly, possibly forever. So if we really want to hook a new fisherman, especially at this age, we better be […]

Catching Walleyes For Dinner!

Fresh Walleyes For Dinner It’s the last weekend of June, the storms and flooding have the fish hunkered down, so can I still catch a enough Walleyes for Dinner? Well yes, but it took all three of my top Walleye Baits to catch them. Where To Find The Walleyes From the flooding of the lake, […]

The Best Walleye Bait For All Seasons

Catching Walleyes Catching Walleyes is not hard as long as you have the right bait. Now you can use minnows, leaches, nigh-crawlers, ect.. but if you want to limited the different types of baits then the ice Fishing Jigging Rapala is one you want to have. The Jigging Rapala is the best all Season Walleye […]