Starting and caring for an apple orchard in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Here we will cover the following topics; ways to start an Apple Orchard, planting bare root whips, caring for your apple trees, purchasing root stock, collecting scions, and grafting techniques.

Starting an Apple Orchard

To start an apple orchard you can begin with less than one acre or start with a much large parcel But how fast you want to start getting fruit will determine how you will develop your orchard. If you have the time, you may want to consider starting by collecting apple scions, purchasing your own apple root stock, and raising your own trees. This will require 2 extra years in developing your apple orchard as these new root stocks will need to be raised in a protected area until they are large enough to transplant. If time is an issue and cost not a concern then you can purchase 5/8″ bare root transplants and get your apple orchard producing fruit within 2-3 years, depending on if you plant dwarf or semi-dwarf trees.

Apple Tree Grafting Techniques

In my grafting techniques articles we will review the following; Bark, Cleft, Bud, and Whip & Tongue grafts. When grafting to root stock or young trees you will want to use the Cleft, Bud or Whip & Tongue Grafts. When working on much older apple trees you will want to use the Bark or Cleft Grafts.

Caring for an Apple Orchard

We review when to cut scions for grafting, when and how to graft these scions, when to remove apple buds for bud grafting, and how to trim back your apple trees for the new season.

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